Suggestions welcome
  1. "This ends tonight"
    *jumps off tall building in trenchcoat*
  2. Montage of crazy shit anchored by a couple frames of TWO GIRLS KISSING!!!
    That's how FUCKING BATSHIT this movie will get! Girls are going to kiss!!! Party!! Strobe lights!! Closeup of ecstasy pill on a tongue! FUCK!
  3. "A storm is coming."
  4. The Inception gong boom.
  5. A hand on a knee followed by a longing look.
    Have any of your own sexual advances NOT started this way?
  6. Someone jumps out of a window
  7. Dumb teenage girl hears a bump upstairs and says "what was that??"
  8. A helicopter goes down.
  9. Lux Aeterna from Requiem for a Dream