Every moment of my childhood was underscored by public radio. Here are a couple of stories that fucked me up for life. Shoutout to my mom for never turning off the radio!
  1. "Hell House"
    This was a story about a Christian-run haunted house. Instead of like normal Halloween haunted houses, this one featured scenes of "sin." Like abortions and wrist cutting and sex before marriage. My mom really should've turned the radio off, and I'm still mad about it.
  2. Swedish raves
    I remember hearing a story about Nordic people mething out and staying up for days at a time. Details of this are hazy, but basically npr ruined my perception of "raving" when I was like 8. I recall hearing techno and thinking it sounded like a computer in a washing machine. Not sure why this made such an impression. I think I was going through D.A.R.E.
  3. HMS Terror
    Profile of a doomed 19th-century sea voyage. The passengers got lead poisoning and then started eating each other. But the truly chilling detail for Little Bryce was that the bones of the victims washed up in life boats for the next HUNDRED YEARS. Also, the ship was literally called HMS Terror.