I'm actually very proud of this list. Let me know if I missed a quality gas stations or a not so quality one.
  1. Quiktrip
    (Relatively) Fancy eating and big bathrooms need I say more. Plus they usually have many pumps so you rarely have to drive to another station for gas.
  2. Racetrac
    Walk-in beer cooler, froyo, and assorted wraps and footling sandwiches are great for every traveler. Plus the bathrooms are usually clean and medium sized. Many pumps much like QT
  3. Raceway
    Never actually been in one of those but they are larger than your average gas station so it's enough to take third.
  4. Marathon
    These are usually pretty good. They have more to offer than the Chevron's and Shell's of the world because they are attached to a Dunkin Donuts or a McDonald's. Bathrooms are usually singular toilets but they are clean and the walls are free of sharpie graffiti.
  5. Shell, Chevron, and Texaco
    These are your run of the mill stations. They usually have just a single toilet for their bathroom which is fine but sharpie graffiti usually graces the walls. No baking is going on here just your regular slushy and lays chips. Limited number of pumps so you might be out of luck when you drive up on one running low on gas.
  6. A 15 way tie with every other station
    These are your "keep driving honey there's no way I'm going into that shit hole" gas stations. If (that's a big if) they have bathrooms they are usually the ones with the mirrors scratched out with people looking for drugs by writing ads on walls of them. Food is the off-brand potato chips like "Toms" or something. There's one pump and it's so old that your not sure that it should still be in use.
  7. Wawa
    Incredible. Sounds very similar to QuikTrip but limited to PA/NJ/MD and weirdly, Florida
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry