1. Three headed cat
    Sitting in my room doing literally nothing as any 5 year old (at the time) would have done and a three headed black cat appears and calmly but terrifyingly raises its paw and scratches the shit out of me. Still don't trust cats... Especially the three headed ones
  2. Skateboard half pipe that has one side that extends 500 feet in the air
    Never skateboarded in my life. The dream is fast from the beginning as I accelerate up the huge half pipe and as I go past the top I drift into the middle and just plummet to the concrete... Never skateboarded and never will thanks to this trauma
  3. Giant bowling ball
    Basically I'm a tiny human and anywhere I move the giant bowling ball follows trying to crush me. 2/10 would not recommend having this dream. It's funny because I'm pretty good at bowling but apparently my subconscious knows something I don't.
  4. PowerSchool grade book
    The most normal dream that causes me the most distress. All through high school I made pretty good grades so you can imagine my shock when in my dream I check my grades online and it says I have F's in all of my classes. This sends me into a mild cardiac arrest (if there is such a thing as mild cardiac arrest) and subsequently wakes me up. The absolute horror.