*requested by Danielle Martin*
  1. The extinction of Furbys
    You know those hella creepy animal dolls that were popular in 1999? Where did they all go? Are they extinct, or preparing a revolution together?
  2. "How do I become #aesthetic?"
  3. Backstreet Boys reunion tour rumors
    Is it really happening? Google those rumors when you can't sleep.
  4. "Would Jesus wear Birkenstocks?"
  5. Mario Kart cheat codes for Wii
    How can anyone truly get 1st place on Rainbow Road without cheating?
  6. "Why does Beyoncé call herself Sasha Fierce?"
  7. Grilled Cheese recipes
    If you can't sleep and are googling thing, you will obviously be craving grilled cheese too.
  8. "How do I get verified on Twitter?"