On National Best Friend Day.
  1. @bailey and I have known each other for almost four years.
  2. In those four years, we have nurtured a friendship so pure, so raw.
    I'm pretty sure @bailey has heard every single thought I've ever had since we've met.
  3. We aren't afraid to really dig deep into the other person, to search into their soul.
  4. And to discover the delicate intricacies of our relationship.
  5. The following is part 1 (of probably 500) of a tribute to Bailey Scales.
    That's right @bailey You bet your sweet ass I'm gon write every. Single. List request you've sent me. (I will neither confirm nor deny that @bailey has requested this list of me every week since we joined this app last October)
  6. Anyways, I wrote you a song @bailey , a prelude, a palette cleanser if you will.
    A true tribute to our friendship.
  7. Here it goes.
  8. *stage curtains open*
  9. *i'm sitting on a stool with my guitar*
  10. *clears throat* *guitar strums*
  11. This one goes out to Bailey Scales.
    (Spoken in a British accent for some reason)
  12. 🎤 *humming*
  13. 🎼 *guitar strumming*
  14. *harder guitar strums*🎸
    Giphy downsized medium
  15. 🎻*more humming*
  16. *humming a little softer*🎤
  17. *humming crescendos*🎙
  18. *aggressive guitar strumming and more humming*🎸
  19. *guitar strumming and also humming and Ed Sheeran screaming "love me" in the background*🎼
  20. *whistle tones*🎤
  21. *guitar slows*
  22. *soft humming fades to silence*
  23. Giphy
  24. You're my rock @bailey 🙏
    Luhhhhhh you