*you decide I guess. Ya Honor, Ladies and gentlemen of tha jury, I present to you the following foolery:
  1. Superman finds Supergirl but leaves her for dead with strangers.
    If you discovered your cousin and only family was alive, wouldn't you, oh I don't know, EXCHANGE PHONE NUMBERS?!?! (The one time Kara and Superman communicated, I'm confident was through aol instant messenger) Like she's the only one that's #relatable in every sense of the word. Yall could be bffs. Shit.
  2. Kara has the ability to fly, but doesn't ever try it out. Not even to like see what it feels like.
    YOU👋CAN👋FLYYYYYYYY. Imagine having the ability to fly as a child. Ugh. I woulda torn shit up. Whata waste.
  3. Having never flown, Kara is really good at it on her FIRST TRY. Good enough to stop a plane from crashing.
    Ahem. *clears throat* I call bullshite ya honor.
  4. The people around Kara cannot recognize her as Supergirl.
    The glasses? That's all it takes to throw everyone off? *Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers pop up* REALLY? She kinda looks like Blake Lively so I can understand a little confusion there but REALLY? Yea ya ya I know same wit Clark. *eyerolls* Ima say it. Superman and Supergirl are nonsensical superheroes. And they're tacky and I hate them. (but I'll prob still watch this show because I hate myself too)
  5. The hair. And also the thigh high boots.
    So you're telling me dis bish flies through the sky like a goddamn air-o-plane and her huurrrrrrr doesn't look like a bird's nest? And how does she bend her knees in thigh high boots? HOW?
  6. No one is concerned about Maxwell Lord, a billionaire and public figure, completely disappearing.
    No one. This guy was aaaaallll over the news one day. And then isn't. And no one is spicous. Hmmmmmm.
  7. Jeremy Jordan. As in his presence on this show.
    Riddle me this. Jeremy Jordan plays Kara's nerdy coworker, Winn, who secretly loves her. Winn does not sing. At all. So tell me. Why in gods name is Jeremy Jordan on this goddamn show? He doesn't. Even. SING.
  8. Giphy
    Alright. I'm done here.