*dial up tones*
  1. poopin_princess
  2. poopin_my_way_2_gr8ness
  3. poopingsince94
  4. barbiez4lyfe
    Away message: can't talk! takin a poop right now
  5. bubbles12345_alsoipoop
  6. coloringkween123
  7. lizzie_mcguire_fan927
    Away message: busy. probably crushin it on Millsberry.
  8. boxcarchild_number5
  9. nomad_gurl
  10. frankandjoehardy4eva
  11. brynelle_joanne
    Away message: peace, love, 'n jelly beanz ✌️
  12. herm_ee_own
  13. violinbebe123
    Away message: can't chat, gotta practice so I can crush my arch nemesis Yeng Yeng Feng in the race to first chair. eternal glory aka eighth grade concertmastership will be mine, YENG YENG.
  14. tookieclothespin
    Away message: is that you, squeegiebeckenheim?
  15. shopgirl
    Away message: don't speak to me unless ur Tom Hanks.
  16. brynhellfire_1994
  17. welcome2pen_island
  18. boobz
    Away message: Cause boobs are funny (.)(.)
  19. b_town4815162342
  20. b_murder
  21. hire_me_plz_imcompetent
    Away message: still takin a poop.