Christmas Never Ends

Thanks to my secret Santa @CoachK
  1. I was so excited to see my package today!
  2. First of all, a bayberry spice candle that smells delicious.
    I love smells
  3. Starbucks refresher packets. I used to drink these all the time in college because someone once told me they were the most caffeinated item on the menu.
  4. A recipe for gooey cinnamon roll cake. Super excited to try this out!
  5. Some face masks and body lotion. Ugh. Girl. I LOVE me some face masks.
  6. Food of the gods.
  7. A miniature toaster
  8. Some books and movie recommendations along with a box of neon model magic!
  9. Once again blessings to @DawnCloud for organizing this hella successful secret Santa. And @CoachK for all your generous gifts!!!
  10. Happy New Year✌️🎉💫