1. The "Grandma-Librarian-Amish-Person"
    Dark wash jeans, chunky sweater over a collared shirt, brown loafers, gold pendant necklace. Hair: brushed.
  2. The "Aren't You a Little Young to be Wearing a Leather Jacket?" Alternatively called "The Sexy Danny Zuko"
    Black high waisted jeans, crisp white shirt, leather jacket, black heeled booties, absolutely no accessories. Hair: Wild and free. DONT forget the hair flip, ladies.
  3. The "Brynelle, why do buy things in extra large? BECAUSE I WANT TO MOOOOOM"
    Ripped Gap girlfriend jeans, a big ole sweater, white leather sneaks, black watch. Hair: low bun WITH SASS
  4. The "Classic B"
    Gray tee shirt dress, optional jean vest, black booties, stacked rings IM TALKING RINGS ON EVERY FINGER, really really dark red (black) nail polish. Hair: down. CONFIDENCE: HIGH
  5. The "Actual Classic B"
    Sleep dress/shirt cuz fuuuuq pants. Accessories include my laptop, a blanket, and the cave darkness of my room.
  6. The "Don't Speak to Me"
    Cats in boots sweater. Don't even think about leaving without a beanie, LAWD knows it's been a hot minute since yo hurrrrr has touched any resemblance of soap or water. Dude, class starts in five minutes. GO. WAIT. you're forgetting something. Pants. Grab whatever's on the floor. Throw on the parka and casually walk into class five minutes late LOOKING LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON. do NOT make eye contact with anyone. Hang your head in shame. NO ONE. speak to me.
  7. The "Welcome to Hell. Population: Me"
    Blazer from Satan's closet, pants that ride up ya butt, and the tears of children painted onto your face.