Essential Outfits: Rom-Com Ladies

✨(**and also Billy Crystal)✨
  1. Sally "better be on the side" Albright
    Dark wash jeans, turtleneck, loafs, and a blazer that screams "stfu Harry, men and women CAN be friends. Sitchyo ass down"
  2. Harry "no new friends" Burns
    Medium wash jeans, chunky turtle neck from Collin Firth's Love Actually wardrobe, sneaks
  3. Summer "as in 500 days" don't got a last name cuz we indie in this bitch
    Pleated skirt from 1968, white blouse straight outa little house on the prairie, flats
  4. Jenna "Thirty, Flirty, Thriving but really dying on the inside" Rink
    Keep it fun, keep it flirtayyyy ladies!
  5. Andie "Frost THIS *flips Matthew McConaughey the bird*" Anderson
    Black shorts, oversized denim shirt, brown booties. Casual and versatile from day to night with a bold lip
  6. Kathleen "beige on beige on beige on beige on beige on beige" Kelly
  7. Sophie "pop goes my heart because Hugh Grant" Fisher
    Black jeans, striped shirt, corduroy vest, black booties. It's fun when you don't even have to change to be an extra in Once!
  8. Jesminder "More like bend it like Jess" Bahmra
    Joggers, white tee, jean jacket and sneakers. It's the life outfit.