Sigh. You have come to the right place, @joemurphy Grab yourself some coffee in an iv and some stale pop tarts, and get comfortable. No need to take notes, I'll be emailing out the PowerPoint later this evening.
  1. Alright, let's begin!
  2. 🙏
  3. Trying to explain Gilmore Girls is like trying to explain to you what friendship is.
  4. How do I explain love? And life? And wit?
  5. In any case, I will try my best.
  6. The year was 1984. October 8th. 4:03am.
  7. A sixteen year old girl, Lorelai Gilmore, was about to experience what some call the most meaningful experience of your life.
  8. But to her, it was something more akin to doing the splits on a crate of dynamite.
  9. After pelting all of the nurses with ice chips, she birthed from her loin the most precious little lamb.
    It was a human. A girl.
  10. And Lorelai was high on Demerol. So she named her daughter Lorelai Gilmore.
    (Later nicknamed Rory)
  11. And thus, we have the Gilmore Girls.
  12. Fast forward sixteen years.
  13. Lorelai and Rory live in a small Connecticut town called Stars Hollow.
    Oh it is SO quirky. Like if Zoeey Deschanel were a town, she'd be Stars Hollow.
  14. The people of Stars Hollow are like the equivalent of the accounting department in the Office. Some of them are grouchy, some of them are oblivious, and some of them deal with a lotta shit. But make no mistake. They are beloved.
  15. Here are some of the core citizens:
  16. Lorelai Gilmore
    The sarcasm. The sass. This woman is invincible. She's your mom and your best friend all rolled into one.
  17. Rory Gilmore
    Our delicate, little flower. Rory likes books. And is suuuuuper sharp. Spunky, like her mom, but can reel it back in.
  18. Sookie St. James
    AAAHH MELISSA MCCARTHY WERK. Lorelai's coworker and best fraaaaaand.
  19. Lane Kim
    Rory's bff. Has strict Korean mom so she has to be sneaky while listening to the devil's music.
  20. Luke Danes
    Supplier of the coffee. Diner owner.
  21. Michel Gerard
    Le concierge. Is the Tai to Sookie and Lorelai's Cher and Dionne.
  22. Jackson Belleville
    Provides the produce.
  23. Taylor Doose
    The town chairman. Also owns the local market. Sweater game strong. Perpetual stick up his butt. Kind of a psycho.
  24. Kirk
    Zee town idiot. BUT WE LAAAAHV HIM
  25. Miss Patty
    Teaches dance. Knows everything about everything.
  26. Babette and Morey
    Made me believe in love.
  27. Now, a lot of Gilmore Girls press on this app seems to do with Rory and Lorelai's suitors.
  28. And while these are important (and obviously controversial), Gilmore Girls at its core is the story of a mother and her daughter.
    And their time through high school, college, careers, men, pizza, etc.
  29. It is charming. It is frustrating. It is sentimental.
  30. The first time I watched Gilmore Girls was around sixth grade.
  31. Back in the old days when Freeform used to be called abc family, they would play one episode every day at 4:00pm. And I would watch religiously.
  32. Then in high school, I re-watched it with my best friends. Every sleepover, we'd get through at least half a season. And then eventually, would just watch the same ten episodes over and over.
  33. In college, I am, again, re-watching Gilmore Girls with my best friends. That's right. We're on season 6 episode 13.
  34. I don't remember a time in my life when I wasn't watching this damned show.
  35. The music is great.
    Sam Phillips yep. Carole King yep.
  36. The book/movie/tv references, although most still go over my head, are so clever.
  37. I'd say like 75% of my charm, humor, and wit I have learned from Gilmore Girls.
    The other 25% I owe to GAHD. For blessing me with the body of a cute little Indian woman and the mind of a college frat boy.
  38. Watching this show is like being hugged by my best friend.
  39. The best, warmest, squishiest hug.
  40. So yeah.
  41. Basically, Gilmore Girls is a show about family and friendship and love.
  42. Oh. And coffee.
  43. Like so much coffee.
  44. Coffee in an IV.