1. The Beckhams
  2. Nat and Alex Wolff
  3. Jennifer, Josh, and Liam
  4. Jack and Rachel Antonoff
    Dear God, please kill me now. And bring me back to my second life. But this time as Rachel Antonoff. Kthanks BUH-BYE
  5. Seth and Josh Meyers
  6. Jessie and Jurnee Smollett
  7. Nick and Aaron Carter
    I present to you a clip from E!'s hit TV program "House of Carters". In this pinnacle moment, Aaron is in need of releasing his creative juices. However, Nick is in need of his twelve hours of beauty rest. It is a lesson in conflict resolution. A tale of brotherhood. And a representation of the bonds that bind us all. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/x1Zu_oTuCis