Favorite Memories of 2016

  1. Going to the mall and/or the movies at noon on weekdays with @bailey
    This is a pic of us watching creed in an empty amc movie theatre
  2. Going on a spring break cruise and watching @rcwornhoff read 400 pages in like half a day. She's superhuman.
  3. Cohosting a weekly radio show with Bailey, discussing pop culture, music, TV, how many times we cried that week. It was a hot mess but I wouldn't do it any different tbh.
  4. @trunghoe @alecat and Bailey dragging my ass to Finnis every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights.
    And especially that time we went in gym clothes
  5. Going to Chilis with my handbell choir and giving out end of the year awards.
    Ugh I miss Karen so much it's embarrassing. Sometimes I put on my old handbell gloves just to feel something
  6. Graduating from Notre Dame. It was 30 degrees at our ceremony, the floor was iced over, Joe Biden spoke but all I can remember was not being able to feel my toes.
  7. Going to Jacksonville to visit @iheartmonkeys99 after her semester abroad. We missed her SO much.
  8. Here's Bailey and Ariel participating in a community running man challenge from that trip
  9. My family vacation to Tennessee. One night there was a bad storm and a tree got knocked over the electric lines and we lost power. So we had to play cards in candlelight.
  10. Getting pizza with Joe and it being exactly like listing and snapping but with garlic rolls and google maps. He is just as sweet and funny in the real world.
    And there was that whole part about me getting into a car with a stranger but it worked out totally fine.
  11. Driving a lot.
  12. Seeing Noname live in Wicker Park with my friend JBone. Noname got me through the worst of 2016 and this night was so fun.
  13. Going to Hawaii with my parents for my mom's CPCU conference. Here they are livin it up and being the cutest.
  14. Magnificent Coloring Day, the best concert of my life. I danced like a FOOL and Peter and Alex came through with the waffle fries.
    I never thought I would love a concert but here we are.
  15. Of course, li.st. Writing lists, reading lists, watching @michael_circa91 be the most extra, @marymurphy writing about literally a speck of dust and it being hilarious, @k8mcgarry serving realness in every bullet pt, @joemurphy being wrong about Lost characters, and so many more!
    Ugh remember when they made those Discover Banners in Microsoft paint? What a time to be alive
  16. Turning 22 was so chill. I feel like 22 is a good age for me.
  17. Spending a lot of time with my Aunty Bridget. She told me stories about meeting her husband at a hospital in India, being in an interracial relationship in 60s India, the caste system, about immigrating to New York, she offered me "lady drinks" as early as 9am. I was a little on edge tho because her house had like 500 dolls on every table.
    Her life story is a movie waiting to be made
  18. Spending a week with Bailey in NYC, taking the worst picture with John Mulaney, walking by every when Harry met Sally location, eating this cookie chocolate chip milkshake, going to freaking coyote ugly because I weirdly love that movie. Just the best week with my best friend.
  19. Surprising Becky for her birthday. And Becky smashing her taco piñata with a pipe.
    I'm still laughing at this video
  20. Watching TV with Ariel separately but in the same room while eating donuts and drinking coffee. My ideal relationship.
  21. Aaaaaand getting out of this parking ticket HA