Favorite Parts of My Favorite Romantic Comedies

  1. Hitch
    When Allegra is telling Hitch off about how he was out of line to dig up such personal things about her like the whole inhaler bit and then Hitch is like no dude that was allllllll Albert. Ugh there will never be a moment in my life when someone could ask me if I wanted to watch Hitch and I would say no.
  2. 13 Going on 30
    When Jenna and Matty take a walk after looking at the photos he took. You know the part where she strokes Mark Ruffalo's forearm? Pretty sure I'd give up my first born to be a glove upon thy hand.
  3. Coyote Ugly
    When Violet accidentally water hoses the fire Marshall and has to earn $300 by the end of the night so she auctions off Kevin. And then they go on a breakfast date. A BREAKFAST DATE. please. That's the dream.
  4. Head Over Heels
    When Freddie Prinze Jr is actually a cop the whole time.
  5. 10 Things I Hate About You
    It's got to be "Can't take my eyes off of you" I'm not a monster.
  6. Miss Congeniality
    The paint party
  7. Bend it Like Beckham
    When Jess is about to kick the ball and the other players turn into her family members and she makes the goal. Just kidding it's the club scene.
  8. You've Got Mail
    When Kathleen is sick and Joe brings her flowers.
  9. Penelope
    When Penelope makes Max play "you are my sunshine" on every instrument to figure out what he actually plays.
  10. When Harry Met Sally
    Um, only the entire movie. But I guess my favorite is the high maintenance phone call. "You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance" while they watch Casablanca.
  11. My Mad Fat Diary, s2e2
    When Rae and Finn get stuck in the bathroom and Finn tells her she can't decide who he fancies.
  12. Gilmore Girls, s4e21
    When Luke takes Lorelai to Liz's wedding and they WALTZ
  13. Lost, s4e5
    When Desmond calls Penny on the phone
  14. The Office, s5e26
    You think it's gonna be soup snakes but it's aaaaactually Jim finding out Pam's pregnant.
  15. Mozart in the Jungle, s2e6
    When Rodrigo takes Hayley to meet his family in the Mexican countryside. I've seen his episode more times than I am proud of.
  16. Jane the Virgin, s2e22
    When Michael starts saying his vows in Spanish. NO ONE TALK TO ME ABOUT JANE THE VIRGIN I AM STILL FRAGILE