1. You've Got Mail
  2. FIRST: Is Tom Hanks hot? Like I don't know. Guys, is Tom Hanks hot? But like what about Don Cheadle?
  3. SECOND: Joe is tooooootally catfishing Kathleen what the HELL JOE?
  4. THIRD: ok, I get it. He's catfishing her but like what else was he supposed to do? He wants her to love him in real life and not just online. I get it. Also, the score has that Somewhere Over the Rainbow theme throughout the ENTIRE movie and I never even noticed before.
  5. Cast Away
  6. FIRST: UGH Is Tom Hanks hot or not? Guysssss
  7. SECOND: wow, this movie is so scary. Like really scary. It could happen.
  8. THIRD: you know what, if I watch this movie enough times I think I could really fine tune my Tom Hanks impression.
  9. Gilmore Girls
  10. FIRST: this show is nice and warm and funny.
  11. SECOND: oh my god, I think I just got that Kafka joke. I AM LITERARY NOW woooooooow Rory why'd you do that Rory?! you are a silly sil-ly girl, Rory.
  12. THIRD: I've never been more alert while watching something. I see every detail like my spidey-senses are at an all time high. Can a tv show be your best friend? This TV show is my best friend.
  13. Lost
  14. FIRST: ... How excessive is it if I rewatch the exact same show I just finished watching? Too much? I'll make my family watch it with me and then it'll be acceptable.
  16. THIRD: Hmm, some of these plot lines are not very good but some of them ARE very good. You know what yeah, let's do it, Brynelle. ANOTHUH ROUND SIR START THE PILOT
  17. Where the Heart Is
  18. FIRST: haha his name is Forney.
  19. SECOND: bahahaha they named him Forney.
  20. THIRD: lol whyyyyyy am I watching this movie again? FORNEEEEYYYYYY
  21. Head Over Heels
  22. FIRST: ooooh a romantic comedy starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Monica Potter? Yas plez.... SHEEYIT he was an FBI agent that whole time?
  23. SECOND: a romantic comedy starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Monica Potter? PLAY.... Wait, I've watched this movie before. WHOA I can't believe he was an FBI agent that whole time?
  24. THIRD: Have I seen this movie before? I don't think so. ... AHH FECK I HAVE seen this before. Wait what?! He was an FBI agent that whole time?! Did NOT see that coming.
  25. When Harry Met Sally
  26. FIRST: If men and women can't be friends then the system has FAILED me.
  27. SECOND: Billy Crystal is like hawt in this. Not like quirky hot. Like actually hawt.
  28. THIRD: I don't think I'll ever be sick of this movie.
  29. The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
  30. FIRST: this was a fun movie. but more than that it was really awful and should never have been made. Surely, I will never watch it again.
  31. SECOND: hold up. Wait a second guys. How many hands are up for Phantom? are you kidding me everyone? Yall know we're on a bus right? Yall knowwwww this movie sucks balls RIGHT?
  32. THIRD: OH MY GAHD who brought Phantom on this bus AND ARE THEY TRYJNG TO KILL ME