Heyo @maggzerts Savannah was BITCHIN'

@maggzerts thanks for the bomb ass list! It totally saved our lives!
  1. We started the day with a pre-breakfast donut.
    @iheartmonkeys99 is serious about her donuts best exemplified from the one time she woke up from a dead sleep and screamed "don't touch my donut bitch" to @bailey and I.
  2. We did breakfast at B Matthews and it was 💯.
  3. @bailey declared that mimosas were her new brand and that she would teach herself to like them.
  4. Also that if she were to die on a pillow of B Matthews biscuits she would die a happy man.
  5. Next, we dragged our asses (or should I say swam through the humidity) to Jones St. Really we walked like five ft and stopped at each bench cause Savannah weather was a bish. But Jones St. was really pretty it was like walking down a Nicholas Sparks movie.
  6. You were 100% correct when you recommended to not to go in the summer time. Because Savannah was hot as balls.
  7. We went to Forsyth Park where we laid on the ground some more and ended up in a Running Man Challenge video for the police dept.
    There was a Forrest Gump impersonator.
  8. Next, we hit up to SCAD and dat ish was #artsy.
  9. As all of us have grown accustomed to sitting at home and watching TV all summer, we decided to take a short break to lay down in the car.
    Road trips are fun👍
  10. Then we went to Paris Market and touched everything and thought about how many weeks/months we would have to work to purchase a jar of cicada exoskeletons.
    We also walked around and googled if we could buy everything on Amazon for cheaper.
  11. @iheartmonkeys99 knocked over what I'm sure was a $500 model sailboat probably from the 1690s so we had to get the fuuuuug outa that store.
  12. After completely embarrassing ourselves at the Parisian Market, we went to the coffee Fox. We got $2 lattes because it was 👏happy👏hour👏 and immortalized ourselves in their guest sketch book.
  13. The coffee was good but the ambiance was thahhhh bommmmmb.
  14. We headed back home and stopped by Peach World and B&J's Steaks & Seafood.
  15. In conclusion, Savannah was bitchin' and we definitely want to come back. But in the winter when it's not hawt as balls.