Hi! Your Secret Santa wants to know what would make your lil heart happy this holiday season

  1. First of all hello hi thank you for being my secret Santa who ever you are 🤗
  2. I'm so excited to meet you!
  3. Really anything you gift me would be great, I'm not picky at all and am very easy to please.
  4. Like a letter and a month of Hulu would make me SO happy.
  5. Or I would love to get to know you better!
    Where are you from? What's your favorite tv show? How many kids do you want?
  6. I love getting mix tapes and movie and book recommendations!
  7. You could also donate money to an organization!
  8. Days for Girls or Planned Parenthood would SO great!
  9. I guess if we're being real here, I really need some guitar picks?
    I had so many and now I'm down to my last one and its honestly a matter of days before my black hole of a room consumes it.
  10. I enjoy kit kats and salted caramels and anything red velvet flavored.
  11. You could promise to love me forever and take care of my children if I die in a tragic car accident.
  12. Hope that helps! Good luck!
  13. Also bless you @DawnCloud for organizing secret Santa and @mackenzieo for assisting!