Just trying to organize my thoughts.
  1. I keep reading and hearing "it's going to be ok" from my community and my leaders.
  2. "Life goes on"
  3. "Love each other"
  4. "It will be fine"
  5. This sentiment is great and necessary, but presented by itself, is not productive.
  6. And the reason this response is not productive is because it's complacent.
  7. For example
  8. When a man directs a racial slur to me, yes. Of course I will be ok. Life WILL go on. This is understood.
  9. But if I fail to invalidate the hateful remark, that man will continue to assume that what he said was ok, when it is not.
  10. It's absurd to minimize this hate to such a point that allows it. Diet racism is still wrong and my complacency allows it to be a part of my life.
  11. I understand that people are divided right now and there's discourse and it's important to encourage decency and unity.
  12. However this attempt to unify is superficial at best without the recognition of the racist and patriarchal system that caused the divisiveness and discourse.
    This system being the root of the divisiveness and the reason for protest
  13. It's important to be very clear that the racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic rhetoric that was accepted at the expense of satisfying a different anger is not ok.
  14. And for some even admitting that the rhetoric and language was in fact racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic is necessary.
  15. I find temporary solace in my peers assuring me that it will be ok.
  16. I find prolific solace in my peers who promise to hold people accountable for their hate.
  17. And more specifically the 60 million peers and president-elect who failed to hold people accountable for their hate.
  18. Also just gonna throw out that everyone should go listen to "Immigrants" from the Hamilton Mixtape cause that ish is POPPIN.