If This Was Coming Towards Me, I Would Just Die (COLLEGIATE EDITION)

  1. Ok first of of all, THIS
  2. And this
  3. A little bit of this
  4. But also these
  5. Whatever this
    From Satan's butthole
  6. And then
  7. My bitch ass TI83
  8. Shower caddies from hell
  9. Scantrons from hell
  10. My campus job from hell
  11. Cheggggggg
    When you run out of emails for Chegg trials tho
  12. Emails
  13. More specifically
  14. And this one
  15. That one professor that cold called me last semester while I was writing a list during class
  16. That one kid in the study group that writes everyone's names on every page of the problem set and when you're like "hey dude, I think it's fine if our names are like just on the first page, like we're??gonna??staple??the?entire problem set???" But they write out everyone's names and addresses and social security one every page of the problem set.
  17. People who tap their pencils during tests.
  18. That kid that turns in their test after 20 minutes and you're sitting there with like five minutes left and you haven't even started the last problem.
  19. That kid that's all like "yeah I didn't do too hot on that last test, I got a 92" and you're like "oh I'm like really happy with my 80 you assshole"
  20. Student loans
    Can gtfo