Alternating between real life moments and moments within the game. The lines get blurry because you bet your sweet ass that when I play, I BECOME NANCY.
  1. My brother was a swimmer so over the summer he had mid day practices. This inconveniently cut into our gaming time. This one time, I really wanted to keep playing cuz I was boooreduuuh. My plan was to continue playing but not save the progress to cover my ass. I thought this would be a full proof plan.
    But then I got so into the game, my instincts took over and I accidentally saved my progress, overwriting our first game and my brother didn't speak to me for weeks.
  2. In #14 Danger By Design, the last part when you figure out the culprit was the DESIGNER ALL ALONG, she pops out of nowhere and you have to fight her cuz turns out that outa nowhere and no mention any time in the game she's master of Krav Maga.
    While the initial shock of the reveal was oh so dramatic, the final fight ended up being fifteen minutes of Nancy speaking the same five lines of trash talk over and over and us blindly guessing what buttons to press to win the game.
  3. One time, my mom came in mid game to yell at us for not cleaning our rooms and then made us clean them MID GAME and it was pretty much the equivalent of pulling out our fingernails one at a time.
    Our rooms were opposite each other, so every five minutes we would pause, make eye contact with each other, dramatically sigh (my sigh would say "this suuuuuucks" and his sigh would say "I know sister"), and then continue cleaning.
  4. In #6 Secret of the Scarlet Hand, at the end the culprit pops out of nowhere and locks Nancy in this giant ass monolith.
    The only source of light inside is Nancy's one match and you have to figure out how to get out and the light keeps getting dimmer and dimmer and wow was it an adrenaline rush.
  5. One time our friggin dinosaur of a computer was a bitch and died mid game. We. Lost. EVERYTHING.
  6. In #7 Ghost Dogs of Moonlake, the culprit pops outa nowhere and CHLOROFORMS NANCY and then she wakes up in a burning shed. So scary. Like terrifying for children.
  7. One time, we misread the due date for our library and we had to finish an entire game in like 6 hours. We did it. But it changed us.
  8. Every time we ever had to call Bess and George or Ned. Bess and George always gave us hints but you had to go through every. Single. Talking point. Before the game would prompt Nancy to ask them for a hint.
    Ned didn't know shit. But we always called him because he was our boyfriend duh and we thought that was funny. Later in one of the games, we finally got to see Ned in person and he wasn't even that hot. He was like a 7 at most.
  9. The woooooorst was when Bradley was all up in my kool aid and breathing on me. We fought about this a lot. Like DONT BREATHE ON ME UGH
  10. And now. For by faaaaar the most dramatic moment of my Nancy Drew PC game career, I will send it over to my correspondent and partner in sleuthing:
    Nancy was one dramatic betch. Loved a good gasp. For literally anything that ever happened ever.