My 2016 Period Lookbook

What a time to be alive.
  1. First of all. Using my laptop as a heating pad.
    So versatile
  2. Sour Patch Watermelons
  3. A really big Tshirt. The one I've worn for the last three days.
    Big enough to fit two of me and also a family sized bag of kit kat minis and also my to-go mug filled with tea for the movie I'm going to later
  4. Pants. CAN GTFO
  5. The series finale of Lost followed directly by the series finale of Gilmore Girls
  6. Gina Rodriguez's Golden Globes Acceptance speech
  7. Company Picnic episode of the Office
    Ohhhh my god when that guy goes "if you were a white male, would you wish to be an engineer?" And then Mary Jackson claps the FUCK back with "I wouldn't have to. If already be one" I AM DEAD
  9. all the interviews in When Harry Met Sally
  10. Chopin Prelude in d flat major ON A LOOP
  11. Texting the group message that ya gurl is sheddddddding the inner lining of her uterus and it's bitchin.
  12. Mi👏dol👏
  13. And lastly, the true mvp. Always Infinity flex foam pads! I just started using these and they don't fuck around.
  14. I am truly blessed to have the luxury of literal MEMORYFOAM on my vahjeeeen once a month. Not all women have this access.
  15. Days for Girls is a great organization, aiming to provide women everywhere with feasible access to quality sustainable hygiene and health education.
  16. If you'd like to get involved, find a chapter near you and help sew and assemble packs, or donate supplies and funds. For more information:
  17. 💫✨💫