For the past 5 days I have done nothing but play 8 Ball Pool on my phone. And gon keep it real-I'm pretty good. like really good. An important aspect of the game is the live chatting feature. The prewritten chat bubbles say things like "great hit" and "nice try" which I exclusively use only when my opponent effs up. Here's what I'd like in my pack
  1. "Oh niiiiiiiiiiiiiice shot"
  2. "Hey. Listen. That was a really great shot. No, really. I mean it. You're good."
  3. "Omg did you watch that last episode of Nashville?!"
  4. "You know what, not all of us can be good at pool here"
  5. "Lemme tell you a story. It was a crisp autumn night, when a young girl took her first steps on American soil with wonder in her heart. She quickly immersed herself in a new culture by watching hours and hours of Golden Girls. She grew up and did some other cool stuff and then she became really good at pool. Do you know who that girl is? It's me."
  6. "hey. watch this"
    And then BAM I pocket like 5 balls cuz I'm that good
  7. "Hey, do you think Bob Durst actually committed all those murders or did he just like really want that chicken salad sandwich? Do you listen to Serial? Oh hold on one second. let me just shoot this ball into the pocket"
  8. "Oh man. You totally misjudged that angle of incidence. Next time, buddy"
  9. "That was a bad shot."
    Dead pan