1. Gray t shirt dresses
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  2. Tyler and Mamrie getting drunk
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  3. Road trip vibes
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  4. Any time Ron comes on stage with food in AVPM
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    Also this line delivered perfectly.
  5. Sophia from the Golden Girls
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  6. The Civil Wars
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    If I could travel back in time, it would be to 2011 to see Adele and The Civil Wars in concert.
  7. Martin Starr in Freaks and Geeks
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  8. Round sunglasses
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    And also Finn Nelson series 1 and 2.
  9. Eunice from She's the Man
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  10. Brown loafers
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  11. Accessories
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  12. The Normal theater
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  13. Sherlock fan art
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  14. When Harry Met Sally
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  15. Bulb lights
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  16. Billy from Jane By Design
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  17. Yellow flowers
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    Tbh, probably allergic to these.
  18. Literature
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  19. Amorphous tent woman
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  20. Spencer Pratt posing with his crystal collection
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  21. Luke's Diner
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  22. Coffee or tea or any other warm drink
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