1. Gray t shirt dresses
  2. Tyler and Mamrie getting drunk
  3. Road trip vibes
  4. Any time Ron comes on stage with food in AVPM
    Also this line delivered perfectly.
  5. Sophia from the Golden Girls
  6. The Civil Wars
    If I could travel back in time, it would be to 2011 to see Adele and The Civil Wars in concert.
  7. Martin Starr in Freaks and Geeks
  8. Round sunglasses
    And also Finn Nelson series 1 and 2.
  9. Eunice from She's the Man
  10. Brown loafers
  11. Accessories
  12. The Normal theater
  13. Sherlock fan art
  14. When Harry Met Sally
  15. Bulb lights
  16. Billy from Jane By Design
  17. Yellow flowers
    Tbh, probably allergic to these.
  18. Literature
  19. Amorphous tent woman
  20. Spencer Pratt posing with his crystal collection
  21. Luke's Diner
  22. Coffee or tea or any other warm drink