@iheartmonkeys99 before you read this, start playing the Intermission Project or Roo Panes or whatever you're listening to is fine. And look me in the eye.
  1. Donuts in every city. We are handing you the baton.
    Don't fuck it up.
  2. If you go to Barcelona, tell the people at The Raz that you know Brynelle and that I say heyyyyyy.
  3. I've turned post notifications on for your Instagram. I expect quality nothing less than fall break freedom tour 2k15.
  4. I'm sorry I made you uncomfortable when I cried about you leaving. There are only a handful of people I would cry about and you're one of them.
    And HONESTLY the number of times you've hysterically cried at @bailey and I. Not to mention the voicemails. It's FINE
  5. I expect leeeeengthy emails in the style of summer internships 2k15. And you can expect them as well.
  6. BITC*H , sorry that was a reflex
  7. I know I don't have to tell you this but HOW DO WE FRIENDSHIP? Aggressively and Relentlessly. Talk to a lot of people.
    But maybe don't start with, "have you ever been in love?"
  8. Back to the agressive relentless friendshipping. THAT MEANS US.
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    I'm just kidding. You can replace me. Just don't forget me.
  9. Lastly, I am so excited and happy for you. I got stupid heart swells when you sent us that text. HAVE THE BEST TIME AND INSTAGRAM AND EAT DONUTS AND WE LOVE YOU