My Wardrobe If I Were A Man

*googles "chill dude outfits billy crystal"*
  1. To begin with, this:
  2. A little bit of this
  3. I'll take a cream cable knit and a shot of cynicism please
  4. Yes. Sweater. Yes.
  5. Flex👏on👏them👏dad👏jeans
  6. Absolutely everything in this
  7. This is the ensemble I wish to be buried in. Take note
  8. But also
  9. When you think about it, this tho
  10. In every
  11. Single
  12. Color
  13. And also a Tshirt with these tweets printed
    Dead ass I want this on a shirt
  14. To be truthful my wardrobe as a man would probably be exactly the same as it is for me right now, with the following five steps:
  15. 1. Jeans, the more ill fitting the more high fashion, you feel?
  16. 2. A reliable sweater
  17. 3. Like 500 jackets
  18. 4. White shoes and Brown boots
  19. 5. A pair of shades to shield thine eyes from the sun and the foolishness
  20. Aaaaaand also all the henleys from the Shannara Chronicles ha
    Jkkkkjknknk I WOULD NEVER