My non-musical friends find these funny but this is serious stuff.
  1. First Violins
    Confident/arrogant. Competitive. 99% Asian or homeschooled. Did I mention arrogant?
  2. Second Violins
    Really chill. Sometimes too cool for orchestra, usually a little slutty. Front stand seconds contribute to 50% of second violin sound.
  3. Violas
    Fuckin wierdos. Usually pretty chill but highly exclusive. Excluding the front stand, probably can't read music.
  4. Cellos
    Really nice. Abs of steel, secretly athletic. The words Golden Retriever come to mind.
  5. Bass
    STONERS. guaranteed these guys are high 100% of the time. Girl bassists on the other hand are the coolest people. So much street cred for girl bassists.
  6. @Taylor_G @izzyz thoughts?