Joe. Listen. You got it all wrong, sahhhn. (But really what is right and wrong in this stupidly beautiful show)
  1. She is the worst because that is the way she is.
  2. Juliet totally cheated with Goodwin. And I know what you're gonna say. "But Brynelle, Sun also cheated that one time." I KNOW AND THAT DESTROYED ME. But Goodwin's wife was her therapist. She and Goodwin should have shut that ish down. Cheating ain't cute.
  3. Juliet totally lets Ben control her like a frigggin puppet. BE BETTET JULIET. She had the chance to kill Ben and then chickened out only to make a deal with the devil again. Sure I feel bad for her but like at that point, she should know that Ben Linus is the spawn of Lucifer and he needs to be handled.
  4. HONESTLY with the Jack-Sawyer love games?! Jack kisses her and she's like oh he really just loves Kate. And then she's with Sawyer for three years, Kate comes back, and she's like Sawyer loves Kate and not me so I'm gonna blow up the island. BE BETTER JULIET.
    Like I get it, her life sucks but you just gotta listen to Wilson Phillips "Hold On" and live your life. I just wanted her to find love and be confident in it.
  5. Her facial expressions are patronizing. Enough with the eyebrow raises.
  6. The quiet speaking. There's no excuse.
  7. Pro: I will say that she was pretty badass when she fell down that pit thing and then detonated the bomb with a rock. And she was totally the voice of reason when everyone wanted to kill child Ben. Killing little boys ain't cute either.