Summer Essential Outfits

For the one day out of the week I leave my house.
  1. The "Going to the Library Outfit"
    This look screams "Um do I look like I fuck with non-fiction? TAKE ME TO THE YOUNG ADULT FICTION SIR"
  2. The "Asylum Patient"
    Every time I wear this my mom always says "really Brynelle? Out of all the clothes in your closet?" Every. Time. To be fair, when I'm wearing just the dress and white shoes with my hurrrr doin its thang and when the dark circles under my eyes have their own zip code, it kinda looks like I just escaped a mental ward.
  3. The "It's 105 Degrees Outside and You're Wearing a Long-sleeve Shirt You Idiot"
    You know what, yeah. I AM wearing a long sleeve shirt. And that's my own fault okay. I don't need a reminder k THANKS
  4. The "Haven't Shaved My Legs in Weeks So Here's a Midi Skirt But Honestly Effffff Everything I'm Never Gon Shave"
    I'm confident I don't have the body shape for midi skirts but effffffffff everything. I do what I want. *hair flip*
  5. The "I'm Feelin Cute Today"
    Oh, I'm sorry, is the sass a little too strong? WELL SIR YOU CAN GET RIGHT OUTA MY WAY CUZ IM👏 FEELIN 👏CUTE👏
  6. The "6 Days Out of 7"
    This look screams "unemployed: party of 1" Gotta go into the office today and by that I mean move from my bed to my couch.