Hero is kind of loose term, huh
  1. Hayden
    Uggggghh she's da wooooooorst. Damn chimeras.
  2. Ethan and Aiden
    Both heroes and villains, but still kinda creepy and like weird sibling vibes ya feel?
  3. Parish
    So what exactly is a hellhound? And why they all naked all the damn time? And always on fire? And what's with the tree? I'm just really confused honestly.
  4. Jackson
    Lol Jackson. @joemurphy @marymurphy aaaaaaaand all together we say: HIGH SCHOOLERS DONT LOOK LIKE THIS
  5. Liam
    Forgeeeet about Hayden. Like maybe just concentrate on school? And fixing your anger problems? Just kidding just kidding what anger problems you don't have anger problems
  6. Kira
    I'm done witchu Kira.
  7. Melissa and the Sheriff
    Literally, how do you sleep at night? I think now would be a good time to maybe, I don't know, teach ya kids that murdering is bad?????
  8. Dr. Deaton
    What even are adults on this show?
  9. Scott
    Scott. Babe. Liiiisten. You're not like the other kids, bud. You've got asthma and that means you have to carry your inhaler on you at all times. What if you go on a school field trip and they decide to go on an impromptu hike and you have an asthma attack WONT THAT BE EMBARASSING SCOTT. Carry ya damn inhaler. ALSO CALM IT DOWN GOOD GOD YOU NEED TO GET IT TOGWTHER MAN STAHP
  10. Isaac
    Whatever happened to Isaac? He was there and then did we time jump? Has teen wolf ever time jumped? What has even happened on teen wolf? Did they even talk about this kid leaving? Wait, did he die? WOULDNT SURPRISE ME ALL KIDS DIE ON THIS SHOW
  11. Malia
    You know what, your mommy issues are really dragging out but I think you could be great. When you punch Theo in THA FACE.
  12. Derek
    Oooooh you broody betch, Derek. #bringbackderek2k16
  13. Allison
    Allison turned out to be such a badass. Well done.
  14. Lydia
    Sweet baby lyds. You're really puttin me through it this season. Enough with the #hellhound already. That shit is pedo and u know it. I would trust you with the fate of the world, Lydia. Ya go make me proud now.
  15. Stiles
    You precious little delicate flower. God bless. Don't let bad bitch theo get ya down, buddy. You know Scott was just playin when yall were feuding. Now go out there. Go find Derek. And bring him back to us.