Most likely the reason my uber rating is so bad. Requested informally by @rcwornhoff
  1. I send an uber request in. Ariel is doing fine. We are coherently discussing the ups and downs of the show.
    Idina killed. Queen.
  2. The uber arrives. I get in the front seat. Bailey and Ariel in the back. Uber driver starts to ask us where we were.
  3. "We just saw a show" "It was really good" "it was kind of like a dramedy" *explaining the premise of the show* *mumbling*
  4. I turn back to say something and in zero seconds Ariel is in a full on ugly cry.
    Sobbing. To be fair, the show was definitely all the feels. But mind you it's been at least 20 minutes since we've seen this thing.
  5. Uber driver starts laughing.
    Appropriate response.
  6. Bailey and I start laughing.
    Ariel is still sobbing.
  7. Ariel asks the Uber driver if he has a family.
  8. He says he has a wife and kids. And that he was a bad guy for a while, but now everyday is a reminder that his wife and children are everything to him. He says he chased his wife all the way to Denver and promised to be a better man. And that she makes him a better man.
  9. ---
  10. Ariel sobs more.
    Hysterical laughter from Bailey and I.
  11. We get to our Airbnb. Ask him to drop us off in the alley*
    *only mildly sketchy
  12. Ariel profusely apologizes. We wish him good luck with his family. He says thanks have a good night.