1. That Daniel Radcliffe is smiling right now.
  2. That Mark Ruffalo is scratching his head right now.
  3. That Julianne Moore is saying something really understatedly right now.
  4. That all y'all slept on Neel Sethi in the live action Jungle Book. That movie was sick and that little boy CRUSHED IT. Just saying.
  5. That the TV show Nashville will some how, some way find a network to drag Deacon's alcoholism storyline on for 100 years. And no one will ever bring up that Cadence is a dumb name for a baby. Just saying.
  6. That my opposite of a commitment problem will be the death of me.
    Like I'll be on the titanic and the ship is sinking and there's also a fire and children are screaming but I'll be in the corner like "HOLD ON EVERYONE I NEED TO FINISH THIS EOISODE OF NASHVILLE". And then I die. I bet my life this is how I die.
  7. That Harper Beckham is our future.
  8. That we will all die before @michael_circa91 publishes that damn Beauty and the Beast list.
  9. That Flinstone's Vitamins are the devil's candy and have no nutritional value other than giving me the motivation to run far away from my mom trying to make me eat those chalky demons.
  10. That my Bob Durst impression will save a life one day.
  11. That every time someone makes me watch the 2004 Phantom of the Opera movie on a bus, a little part of me dies.
  12. That Nick Jonas' saucer sized nipples is the best thing the Internet will ever give us.
  13. That the hospital in Beacon Hills is on fire right now. And also the school is on lock down.
  14. That Doctor Who is just a fine TV show. It's only okay.
  15. That the writers of How I Met Your Mother had a stroke while writing the last five minutes of that show.
  16. That either Missandei or Grey Worm is gon die before Game ofThrones ends. They are too pure and Westeros is toxic and therefore I must guard my heart.
  17. That whenever I'm wearing a Notre Dame shirt, some stranger will say "go Irish" and I'll be really friendly and say it back but when I say "go Irish" to a stranger wearing a notre dame Tshirt they'll stare at me like I'm the asshole.
  18. That Ben Mckinsey has been 35 years old his entire life.
  19. That tiny little fairies live inside Robert Sheehan's hair.
    Id bet my life.