Things That ALWAYS Happen in Every Episode of TV Shows I Watch

Every. Damn. Episode.
  1. Empire
    Someone holds a gun to someone's head. They pause, the other person says something like "go ahead. Kill me." And then the other person says something like "no. I don't wanna give you what you want." Also Cookie slaps someone in the face. Also Hakeem's body gets possessed by a two year old girl throwing a temper tantrum.
  2. Teenwolf
    The hospital gets blown up, the school gets destroyed, children die, Scott has an asthma attack and doesn't have his inhaler.
  3. Nashville
    Someone loses their sobriety. Rayna has to handle someone. Juliet says she won't lie and then lies and then says it was just a one time white lie.
  4. Mozart in the Jungle
    Rodrigo, like, scratches his head or something and I question everything I've ever known about charisma, Also Bernadette Peter's boobs
  5. Parenthood
    Sarah cries, Amber cries, Crosby does something stupid, Zeke does something stupid, Kristina saves five million babies from a burning building, cures cancer, and has dinner on the table ready for her family. Also Drew discovers a new level angst unbeknown to man.
  6. Awkward
    Jenna's contour grows arms and legs, breaks through my television and physically slaps me in the face
  7. MTV's Are You the One?
    Nothing. NOTHING.
  8. Lost
    A group goes on a mission into the jungle. Kate isn't invited, but sneakily follows them anyway. Jack sees a leaf shaped like his dad and starts either yelling or crying.
    Suggested by   @joemurphy
  9. Full House
    Jesse makes some stupid jokes. The episode ends with a lesson being learned, hugs being given, and cheesy saxophone music playing in the distance.
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  10. The Mindy Project
    Mindy drops/throws food (usually a bear claw) onto the streets of New York and then eats it. Also, Mindy farts and then comes clean about it to whoever happens to be in the room.
    Suggested by   @aprilgrace
  11. Robin does something to remind us she's Canadian, Barney says "legen-wait for it-dary!" and high-fives someone, Marshall and Lily do something cute, Ted does something dumb/annoying/awful and continues to tell his kids these tiresome stories. And they all drink at MacLaren's.
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  12. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    Lou makes Mary do extra work that is not in her job description, or someone else guilts her into taking on their own responsibilities, and she proves that she definitely deserves a raise in pay that she will never get.
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  13. Supernatural
    Something supernatural is happening somewhere. At first Sam and Dean think it's a easy one and they solved it but they're wrong and someone else dies before they kill the monster. Meanwhile Sam brings down an apocalypse by trying to save only Dean and hundreds of people die, even tho Dean told him not to do it (or dean trying to save Sam, works both way).
    Suggested by   @solena
  14. Frasier
    Frasier gets angry at something insignificant, yells "Good Lord!" or "By God!" Martin and Roz make fun of Frasier for getting mad at the insignificant thing, Martin does this while sitting in his chair, feet up, drinking a Ballentines. Daphne makes an odd comment and Niles oogles at her.
    Suggested by   @jess_may17
  15. You're the Worst
    Everyone eats breakfast. Something happens that triggers Gretchen or Jimmy or Edgar's past emotional trauma. That person goes off alone to handle it with alcohol. Lindsay gets her boobs out and does whatever the hell she wants. Killian pops up from behind a trash can. Gretchen and Jimmy make up at night with some phrase like "You forgot your jacket." Also there are jokes.
    Suggested by   @bailey
  16. Scorpion
    Agent Cabe Galo brings a special secret military mission to team Scorpion. At first they find a quick simple solution after like 26 seconds of reflection. On the mission, something goes bad and it's harder to solve, they find another solution. Then something goes horribly wrong and they all are in danger + half a city or a country. Walter puts his life at risk and everyone is saved. We're reminded at some point that Walter has a 197 IQ.
    Suggested by   @solena