1. Finnchel tribute videos on YouTube.
    Also Lea Michele and Cory Monteith tribute videos on YouTube. And also that Ellen interview he did when he talked about how Lea Michele was his girlfriend.
  2. Any and all couple tribute videos on YouTube
    Naley (OTH), Seth and Summer (the OC), Rae and Finn (MMFD), Jack and Kate Jin and Sun (Lost), etc.
  3. Coyote Ugly
    Piper Perabo and Tyra Banks and that hot foreign guy. There is nothing sad about this movie other than that it reminds me of my childhood.
  4. Pictures of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart
    Especially the morning that Supreme Court decision dropped.
  5. "Paper Hearts" by Tori Kelly
    Followed directly by "Video" by India Arie.