1. When I had to say Saoirse Ronan out loud:
    We've been through this, Brynelle. You've googled it like five million times. The letters are illogical. You know this. Just say it like you mean it. Sursha. This time not like a question. SURSHA.
  2. When this girl in my study group aggressively shaded me in the common room:
    Did she? Did she just? To me? Is this real life? Huh. Well, this sucks. Listen to me, Brynelle. Your worth is determined by nobody but yourself. You are smart and kind. And you draw some killer benzene rings. They're perfectly symmetrical and CLASSY AF. YOUR BENZENE RINGS ARE ART BRYNELLE.
  3. When I had to choose between my chocolate chip chewy bar or my chocolate chunk chewy bar:
    Ah. A tough choice here, Brynelle. We feelin the chunks or the chips? Tricky, trickyyyyy. Don't think, just listen to your heart. The chips. Good choice, good choice, Brynelle.
  4. When I watched the third season of MTV's "Are You the One?":
    *deep breath* calm down, Brynelle. *slaps self in the face* These people were assholes this week but maybe they won't be next week. Maybe they'll learn logic and common sense. A lot can happen in a week, Brynelle, A LOT CAN HAPPEN. You've given so much of yourself to MTV programming. JUST KEEP WATCHING FOR YOU NEED NOT HAVE SELF RESPECT
  5. When my mom told me I couldn't go to the movies until I cleaned my room:
    Are👏you👏kid👏ding👏MOM? I'm an adult, can she even still do this? Hmmmm. I really wanna go to the movies. Ah fuck it. You know what to do, Brynelle. Pile all your clothes in the back of the closet but create a neat and folded outside layer to create the illusion of tidiness. Works. Every. Time.
  6. When ya girl is stressin:
    You know what, it could be much worse, Brynelle. You could be Ben Affleck right now and that would suck. Maybe we should call mom. Yeah, let's call mom, that's a good idea.
  7. When I'm doing or saying anything ever:
    Tim is you. You is Tim. WHATEVER EVERYONE DIES JUST B U BOO AND LIVE YA LIFE *shakes hands* *firm head nod*