1. When my mom told me I couldn't wear this cropped jean jacket to school but I tried to sneak it out in my backpack anyway and then she checked my backpack and caught a bish red handed.
    8 year old me was like "fuuuuuuuuuuu"
  2. When I used to play my friends' orchestra playing exams in high school.
    I was first chair so I got to run the playing exams which was basically just hitting record on the mic. Everyone had to say their name and then play the excerpt for the exam. But sometimes I would play my friends' exams for them and like mess up the intonation a hair so that it wasn't perfect but good enough to get them a solid A-. Oh man I was so good at it but like it was toooootally cheating. At the time I was like "whoa. totally badass, Brynelle" but now I see it was wrong. Kinda.
  3. When I was eavesdropping on this serious conversation that my friend's ex-girlfriend was having about my friend and why they broke up and I accidentally laughed out loud and she turned around and stared at me and was like "I'm sorry is something funny?" and I literally shit myself.
    Like this girl could have killed me.
  4. When I made a joke about the trail of tears once.
  5. When I babysat this kid one summer and literally just napped and ate pizza rolls and let the kid play video games all day and also never made him watch those Kahn academy videos that his parents told me I had to make him watch before he could play.
    I was only supposed to let him play one hour of video games every day. Lol it's summer. Chill
  6. When I screamed "motherfuck" in the car with an 8 year old and a 10 year old.
    And then I was like "shit. Fuck, don't tell your parents"
  7. When I kept watching TeenWolf even after that Japanese Internment camp storyline. And then again after the Benefactor storyline.
    We all crossed a line on that one.