Wow you've come to the right place @bailey
    You KNOW yo ass got sensitive the skin
  2. Tip #2 Save your big cry for the parking lot.
    Listen, we're not tryna die in a car accident here.
  3. Tip #3 Matilda the Musical bitch
    You know which tracks
  4. Tip #4 Somewhere between Anne Hathaway in les mis and Toby McGuire when Uncle Ben dies
    This is the level we aim for
  5. Tip #5 Fucking buy ice cream. You're already at the Walgreens parking lot.
    You're uterus doesn't give a flying fart in space so why the heck should you!
  6. Tip #6 Break out the "Cry ya eyes out" bookmark folder you made
    That's weird, it's only YouTube clips of Jane and Michael from Jane the Virgin
  7. Tip #7 Gina Rodriguez' 2015 Golden globes acceptance speech
    I don't know just think about that for a while
  8. Tip #8 At least you don't watch Nashville anymore.
    Hey you're life is falling apart but at least you respect yourself
  9. Tip #9 Just drive home and go to bed.
    Wake up a better person tomorrow!