I sit. I observe. (I couldn't make this shit up)
  1. Me: WHOA. Hey guys, what are yall doin?
  2. Kim: Minecraft.
  3. Nikki: Minecraft
  4. Me: oh cool. *jumps onto bed* I'll watch.
  5. N: I'm going to my house. there's water!
    The entire house was flooded.
  6. K: oh yeah. I put water in Nikki's house cause we prank each other.
  7. N: Kimmy, can I borrow a bucket?
  8. K: no.
  9. N: ok nevermind.
  10. Me: l o l what else do you do?
  11. K: Sometimes I put a chest down and then put TNT under it and then when the person opens it, the TNT blows up and they die.
  12. Me: wait what
  13. K: yeah. One time I did that to my friend. I even asked her how to do it. Like she taught me how. And she still fell for it.
  14. Me: what
  15. K: and this other time, I made a poison potion. And labeled it as healing potion. And my friend drank it and she died.
  16. Me: ...
  17. K: all my neighbors have houses. But this is my world. So I can prank my friends even when they're not playing.
  18. Me: OHMYGOD Nikki. You just DIED
  19. K: yeah i kno. I just killed her.
  20. Me: WHY?!
  21. K: I don't know. I had an enchanted diamond sword.
  22. K: Nikki, I saw your TNT wire. Good try.
  23. Me: is that a skull painting on your wall?
  24. N: yeah
  26. N: it's a portal. We're going to another dimension.
  27. Me: what dimension IS THIS?! HELL FIRE?
  28. Me: you can chat on this game?
    I swear to god this girl's friends' usernames were "element_swag101" "SkyLord169" and "snowflakes_50906" LIKE WHAAAAT
  29. Me: what's that stuff?
  30. K: it's obsidian.
  31. Me: do you even know what obsidian is?
  32. K: no.
  33. K: my friend just got into this world and her house is empty. I'm gonna make her house all weird. And scary.
  34. Me: