1. Every year, I think to myself:
  2. Ahhh.
  3. Lent.
  4. The time of year when I become a better person.
  5. Alright, Brynelle. How can you become a better person this year?
  6. Then I say to myself:
  7. Brynelle, you are quite literally the most perfect person on this earth.
  8. Why, you're absolutely right, Brynelle.
  9. But fine fine fiiiiiine. Let's try and dig a little deeeeeeper this year.
  10. But like, what even is the point of lent?
    I type these words into google.
  11. Huh. Prayer, fasting, and alms giving you say, Internet?
  12. Lawwwwd knows I've gone thru every damn catholic cliche in the book.
  13. Facebook.
    Oh yeaaaaaah. Really struggled wit that one, all the joy I get from Facebook and all.
  14. Desserts.
    Like, fine. I'll just eat more fries.
  15. Fries.
    I'll eat more desserts.
  16. My iPod?
    there were other ways to listen to music.
  17. One year, I told myself I would workout every day. For God.
    Like, gotta do these squats fuh Jesus, I guess. Not my most successful Lent.
  18. Which brings us to this year.
  19. Some of my friends are giving up cussing.
    The fuuuuuug am I s'pose to do with that? O Cooooooool guyz. I guess I'll have to swear for all of us. FECK
  20. I could give up the Lis-HAHAHAHAHAHAHLOLOLOLOLL
  21. I could give up TV
    Yep. Dead from boredom just thinking about that.
  22. Other social media?
    Do. I. Even. Have ANY
  23. I could give up browsing the Internet
    But that gets messy. What if I need to look up Martin Freeman gifs for my drug development class?
  24. There IS one thing kinda toxic in my life.
  25. I guess now WOULD be the time to rid my body of this POISON.
  26. And so.
  27. This year.
  28. I
  29. Give
  30. Up
  32. You heard it here.
  33. No more sunset ombre eyeshadow tutorials whenLAWD KNOWS I wear the same makeup every damn day.
  34. No more 2am My Mad Fat Diary tribute videos.
  35. No. More. Precious blooper reels.
  36. Goodbye Star Trek cast interviews.
  37. Remember me fondly, my beloved recommended page.
  38. I will see thou when Jesus Tha LAWD Christ has RISETH FROM tha dead.
  39. 🙏🍷✌️