You Will, When You Believe

  1. Mic check. One two.. One two..
  2. *cue strings* *lift curtains*
  3. *clears throat*
  4. Many nights we prayed
  5. With no proof anyone could hear
  6. In our hearts, a hopeful song
  7. We barely understood
  8. Now we are not afraid
  9. Although we know there's much to fear
  10. We were moving mountains long
  11. Before we knew we could
  12. There can be miracles
  13. When you believe
  14. Though hope is frail
  15. It's hard to kill
  16. Who knows what miracles
  17. You can achieve
  18. When you believe
  19. Somehow you will
  20. You will when you
  21. Believe