This is how I adult as of right now
  1. Dress somewhat professionally
  2. Will yourself to get out of bed everyday
  3. Set no fewer than 5 alarms to wake up
  4. Scream internally whenever someone talks to you
  5. Make lots of lists so you feel accomplished
  6. Do laundry occasionally
  7. Ask your mom to make appointments for you
  8. Stay on parents health insurance as long as possible
  9. Delete emails from stores you can't afford to shop at
  10. Share your reactions to dumb people with an imaginary camera, like you are starring on The Office
  11. Pretend Donald Trump isn't running for president of the United States
  12. Cry and then pretend you weren't and you just have makeup in your eyes
  13. Run the dishwasher when you can remember
  14. Make your bed
  15. Trader Joe's is life