The New Emojis, Explained

Emojis are more popular than ever, and with the latest iPhone update, there's even more at your fingertips. But what do they mean? How can you use them? I'm here to help. The following is a list of the best new emojis and what they mean.
  1. 🤑 - "I am so rich, I literally vomit money."
  2. 🤓 - "I need braces as well as lasik eye surgery"
  3. 🖖- a gang hand sign that looks like a turkey, in order to say, "I can't wait for thanksgiving, homie"
  4. 🖕- used as a pointing emoji to bring attention to a previous message and comment on it. As in: "🖕I hate you"
  5. 🌮 - when want to tell you friend that you have lots to 🌮 bout.
  6. 🌭 - a classier way of referring to a man's 🍆