1. It started off fine. Drinking a few drinks flirting with my favorite bartenders Carlos, Markus, and Jose.
  2. Then some dude came up to my friend Lauren and legit looked at her boobs and said you have a great face.
  3. We laughed because he was 40 and just bleh.
  4. So we kept drinking.
    Jose made me a rose drink. And it was adorable.
  5. But then drunk dude came back and was like way more aggressive. And his gross 40 year old friend came back to.
  6. And they bartenders were watching them to make sure they weren't being totally disgusting but they were. They touched my friend without consent.
  7. I said " if you touch her again I'll kick your ass out of this bar. " and the guy was like oh yeah do it.
  8. Lauren tried to calm me the fuck down. But the dude was like you're five three what are you going to do.
  9. So I promptly handed My credit card to the bartender and my credit card to my friend who was by the way still being touched. And said this is for bail.
  10. That's when the two bartenders and four dudes behind me stepped in.
  11. Sucks though. Fight would have been worth it.
  12. Anywho this is Jose the bartender. I love him. He can dance. Lauren recovered as they left. As you can see below.