Requested by Paul

All the Bibs Asshole Dog /Cruser wears

Thanks @texx85 for the list request!!!
  1. Cruser obviously needs a Newfie bib with a Newfoundland picture on it.
  2. Halloween bib festive of course!
  3. My mother made him a cowboys bib. I am a packers fan. And Cruser only watches the TV if Cher is singing so I think this was for her delight not mine.
  4. Crusers fancy bib. Normally worn on New Years Eve or when we go to the Vet.
  5. Just droolin around! The one bib I actually purchased from a company. So expensive! God bless my mother.
  6. He has a Christmas bib. And all the others are plain colored. But they're currently dirty. I'm house sitting for the next 7 days so I'm sure that the fiancé will freak when he realizes he has to do laundry.
    One time he thought fabric softener was the same as laundry soap.