1. If you make a fake profile why are you adding yourself as a friend?
  2. You live with your mom, unemployed, and you are dating a model? What?
  3. Why does max carry a camera when there's a fucking camera crew there?
  4. You're a solid 7.5 but you think you're in a relationship with an Instagram model who won't FaceTime you? It's HER JOB to be in front of a camera.
  5. Google google google dumbass.
  6. Don't say " this is weird. Too weird. " what's weird is you were in a 5 year relationship with someone you've never met, and refuses to meet you.
  7. Why? Whyyyyyyyy? Why?
  8. Why you mad that someone figured out you weren't real. You are a liar
  9. In summary, one day I hope to be hot enough for someone to steal my photos to catfish someone. (Jk)
  10. Also most people who catfish people live in Florida or Kentucky.
  11. Why are you so surprised it's a dude?!!!!!! Haven't you seen the show?
  12. How you gonna say someone needs Jesus and then tell them to fuck off in the same sentence?!?
  13. This guy who got catfished said " I don't know what type of Tyler Perry movie you watching" hahahahahahhahshahahahahhahahahsha. Yes.