1. Appalled, angry, depressed, flabbergasted, and betrayed.
  2. I don't even know how to explain what happened tonight.
  3. But I'm going to try.
  4. Stage one: Appalled.
    I let a friend take some of my house sitting clients and she almost ruined my reputation by not showing up, kenneling the dogs double to triple the time allowed and lying to the clients.
  5. Stage two: angry because these were some of my favorite people. I even called another client and took back the key and told her not to bother.
  6. Stage three: depressed. I would never treat a friend like that. I've never felt more betrayed and sad about losing someone. I only had like three friends to start with. And now I'm down one.
  7. Stage four: flabbergasted.
    She blocked me from all social media even though I did nothing wrong.
  8. Stage five: betrayed.
    I'm loyal to a mother fuckin fault. The old brynne came out for a minute. But let me tell you I've never felt so alone. Yeah i have Cody. But women being friends made me feel empowered. Now I just feel sick. I feel like I lost a lot tonight.
  9. I don't even know how to feel. Except that I feel way too much right now and I feel like I'm just so sad and alone. There's no picture or gif to showcase what I'm feeling. But maybe this will do.