Healthy stuff I love.

  1. Four sigmatic
    It sounds like a bummer to drink. But it improves your mood, your digestion, and energy. It's my natural coffee when I go on a sugar and caffeine cleanse. Also I use a bunch of their other products. Especially the digestion one.
  2. If you eat meat, and feel like you're bloated or not hungry the next morning it means you need help in your stomach acid area. HCL is needed.
  3. Probiotics
    You need them! No excuses! Also if you don't have to refrigerate your probiotics you're buying the wrong kind. Probiotic bacteria dies and becomes useless in heat.
  4. It works greens
    I don't know the girl on the ad. But this stuff makes my day I also like the chews. They keep me from getting sick. Also their energy drinks are goooooood.
  5. Advocare catalyst
    It's my jam.
  6. Tiger tail
    If you run, walk, squat, or anything you need this.
  7. Foam roll
    Has made me cry on many occasions but worth it.
  8. Lacrosse ball
    I use this on my hip and feet
  9. B12 and vitamin D.
    If you have Seasonal affective disorder take these in the winter. Start now.
  10. Home medics
    Neck pain and calcium build ups but this helps.
  11. Chronic pain users this is a must.
  12. Fabletics
    I love to feel pretty at the gym