1. First off Rent was my first Broadway play ever and I saw it with the original cast members.
    Anthony Rapp for life.
  2. It was written by Jonathan Larson
  3. One of Jonathan Larson's girlfriends dumped him for a girl the way Maureen dumped Mark for Joanne.
  4. Maureen aka Idina sang live in the movie.
  5. The movie takes away three major parts of the play.
  6. The song goodbye love:
    Where mimi recognizes she is dying
  7. The "sex" scene. Where a bunch of people weirdly get it on in a sheet but also it's so important because it shows the complications of loving someone with AIDS.
  8. Marks interactions with Joanne in more detail.
    It shows marks a good guy and he's the peacekeeper after angel dies.
  9. This show was so big for the LGBT community.
    No one wanted to believe AIDS was real in the 80s. And Anthony Rapp said in his book that Jonathan's vision was for people to wake the fuck up.
  10. The characters of Ali, Gordon, Pam, and Sue in the Life support meeting are named after writer Jonathan Larson's friends who died of AIDS. The real "Ali" was Alison Gertz, a young woman who contracted HIV in the early 1980s and became well-known later in the decade as AIDS activist.
  11. Anthony and Adam are super good friends.
  12. The original play was only supposed to run two weeks. It ran for two years off Broadway. Their run through show got good reviews.
  13. Anthony rapp auditioned for for roger he sang losing my religion and Jonathan was like nope you are our mark.
  14. Rent won a Pulitzer Prize
  15. Robert De Niro produced the movie adaptation.
  16. Lord I know so much more. But it's all about how a big deal this musical was. How much people denied aids and the epidemic it was causing and how this fucking musical this fucking god given Talented cast became the best voice for a generation that didn't have a voice in the straight community.
  17. Also this cast was so fucking diverse.
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