1. Static
    Oh shit it's going down.
  2. Static
    I was just about to shower! God I love you.
  3. Static
    Yes I have bad teeth. But I love love love rice candy. Oh my god do you like live in my head?
  4. Static
    Holy shit. I love you. I love him. I named him rookie.
  5. Static
    Look at the fucking tail. What magic is this?
  6. Static
    I have never seen the office! ( sorry Novak ) oh my god! Yes! Here's to a reason to figure out how to work my DVD player!
  7. Basically your my spirit animal?
    Hiiii wanna come live with me ?
  8. Static
  9. Static
    She said this was her favorite page I understand why! Like really I have spare bedroom
  10. I'm dead. I'm literally dead.
    I needed a makeup bag for the gym! What is this magic? Do you know I love you? Like we can get married and asshole dog can officiate. I found a place on the internet where it's totally legit.
  11. Static
    @plaidflannel you're seriously the best. I can't even.
  12. Rookies new home.
  13. Also thank you to @DawnCloud ! You are amazing!