Requested by Jacki Rohrer

How did you meet your significant other? And other fun facts about them

  1. This is the boyfrann
  2. He's a teacher. Basketball coach. Mizzou alum.
  3. We met when I got my personal training license. He was my instructor and I just wanted to date him.
  4. When we first started dating he didn't kiss me for the first like five or six weeks. One time I got so frustrated I asked him what the fuck was up.
  5. He's a really good music producer. It's definitely his passion but as of yet has only made a few bucks from it each year.
  6. He's the only man I ever trusted with my dog. My dog doesn't like people who take away attention from him.
  7. The lover is incredibly smart. He's been tested in the high IQ range. And all that. I think he has a certificate or something.
  8. He hates like pictures. But he can suck it
  9. One time he got into trouble for being so well dressed at school. Because a little teenager was so infatuated with him that they had to move her classes Away from him.
  10. What I learned from that is that my boyfriend is so good looking and I'll beat a bitch down.
  11. Also my boyfriend is extremely quiet. Super funny. And it drives me crazy because every time I meet a dude that knows him they also say he's such a good guy I need to keep him. Like I don't know that.
  12. Don't ask the lover to clean. He once tried to dust the house with tilex